Matza Brei

It is pretty difficult to mess up matza brei. Literally “fried matza,” the ingredients really depend on your childhood memories.

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Bubbe’s Matza Balls

The secret to perfectly formed kneidlach: wet hands!

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Pesach Mandelbread

Try this mandelbread with a cup of coffee at the start of your day.

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Lemon Sorbet

A refreshing dessert or palate cleanser.

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Apple Fritters

These have been Pesach breakfast in our family for 50 years.

Honey Almond Matzo Crunch Bark

Golden Blossom Honey helps make a great Pesach dessert!

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Almond and Honey Charoset

Our friends at Golden Blossom Honey are sharing some of their Pesach kitchen secrets. Try their Charoset.

Tie Dye Pillowcase

Recline in style at this year’s Pesach seder!

Egyptian Pyramids

Decorate your Seder table with an Egyptian pyramid. (This makes a great trivot!)


NachshonNachshon Who Was Afraid to Swim by Deborah Bodin Cohen. Great for the 6 and up set, this is the story of Nachshon, the Biblical character who is said to be the one to first step into the sea (before it split). Didn’t help (according to Cohen, not the Bible) that he was afraid of water. But freedom means living up to your fears… Beautifully illustrated and a great book to help you discuss freedom and the Exodus story. New this year!

YankeeAtSederYankee at the Seder by Elka Weber. Great book. Really, really great book. It’s the end of the Civil War and a Yankee Soldier happens upon a Southern child eating matzah outside. Of course, the family invites him for seder. There’s nothing boring or didactic about this story — it’s just great. Pictures are lovely, writing is lovely. Highly recommended and new this year!

LetMyPeopleGoLet My People Go! by Tilda Balsley. A play about the plagues (oy vey), it’s actually a lot of fun. Last year, I got our whole seder table participating, with my (then) 5 year old playing Moses. There’s lots of words for the narrator to say and the other parts are pretty easy to remember (even for a 5 year old).

SecretSederThe Secret Seder by Doreen Rappaport. An illustrated book for older children, this is the story of a family who is pretending to be Gentiles during the Holocaust. The lengths that they are prepared to go to celebrate Passover and have

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