Ki Tavo


TableTalk: Ki Tavo

In this week’s Parsha, Ki Tavo, we are given the text that the person bringing bikkurim, the first fruit, must recite. Read this recitation in Chapter 26 verses 3-10 and you will notice that it is a short history lesson. Why is this moment of offering first fruits, of all times, an appropriate time to be recounting history: how we got to Eretz Canaan and what we’ve been through as a people?

Coloring Page for Ki Tavo (click on picture to print)

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Wonderful Word Search: Ki Tavo

As the children of Israel are about to enter the land of milk and honey, Moses gives them their final instructions. This week’s Torah reading talks about the importance of keeping the commandments. We are told of the blessings the children of Israel will receive for following the commandments, and the curses that will befall them if they do not!

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Maze Magic: Ki Tavo


This week we see the children of Israel learn about the future they may face. Help them find the mountain that will lead them to many blessings!

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TEN: Ki Tavo

Two mountains set the stage for blessings and curses this week.

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