TableTalk: Noah

In this week’s parsha, God saves Noah, after destroying the rest of the world with a flood.

Although God clearly thinks Noah is a worthy individual, it takes another 10 generations until God chooses Abraham, the person with whom He’d like to make a covenant to build a special nation.

Parsha Craft: Noah. Rainbow Necklaces.


This week’s parsha, Parshat Noach, has very colorful craft potential! After the devastating flood, God promises Noah that he will never destroy the world in this way again. As a sign of this covenant, He places a rainbow in the clouds. All rainbow-related crafts are great for this parsha. But, kids will especially love dyeing their own pasta, stringing it, and wearing it this week.

Podcast. In Appreciation of Winners and Losers

In the aftermath of the World Series, we look at the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Cubs along with Basketball with Jerusalem HaPoel, the Olympic Judo athlete Ori Sasson and, of course, Noah and his ark.

Noah’s Giant Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies

Giant Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies are a perfect dessert this weekend!

All Things Noah.

It is crazy how much has been inspired by a flood, a boat and some animals.

Parshat Noach Coloring Page (click on picture to print)

devora noah_Artboard 34 copy 2

Menu Madness: Noah

For this year, our Shabbat lunch will be a nod to the glorious variety of living creatures that Noah rounded up to fill his ark and preserve for eternity (well, sort of).

TEN: Noah

This week’s Torah reading has a little bit of everything: we’ve got floods and families, animals and rainbows, we’ve got towers and destruction. Enjoy one of the most exciting Parshot.

Maze Magic: Noah


God makes a rainbow as a sign that there will be no more floods that destroy earth. Help Noah and his ark find the rainbow! Click the PDF icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

Wonderful Word Search: Noah


In this week’s Torah reading, we see God flood the earth and save just Noah, his family and some animals. We also watch as mankind tries to build a tower that reaches the heavens. Use the word key at the bottom of the page to find the 10 words hidden in our word search. Shabbat Shalom! Click the picture below to download a printer-friendly version.

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