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It is crazy how much has been inspired by a flood, a boat and some animals.

A reading of the text in this week’s Parsha, Parshat Noach, really shows us a dismal scene — a flood, the destruction of the universe of humankind. It is only Noah, his family and a handful of animals that survive. Yet the story has been framed to focus on the good and the world of books and toys has taken notice. Here is our round-up of some great Noach toys, crafts and activities.


  1. Noahs’ Ark Sticker Scene. Easy to build the story of Noach together with your kids (or a great activity for them to do on their own!)
  2. Great for Shabbat morning a Melissa and Doug 100-piece floor-sized puzzle of Noah’s Ark. 
  3. For more advanced puzzle builders, Melissa and Doug also have a 200-piece puzzle for the ark. 
  4. Of course Playmobil has a Noah’s Ark for the perfect re-enactment (flood not included!).
  5. I call this Noah’s Ark a grandparent choice toy because it is a bit pricier but truly an amazing toy (especially for this Shabbat!)
  6. Add these to your Shabbat reading list! Noah’s Ark by Lucy Cousins is our family favorite and of course Noah’s Ark in Golden Book form 🙂


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