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Wonderful Word Search: BeChukotai

This week we finish reading the book of VaYikrah. In this book, we have learned many laws: laws of the Land of Israel, laws of the Tabernacle and laws how we should treat our friends and neighbors. This entire book was revealed to the Israelites while they were standing at Mount Sinai.

Maze Magic: BeChukotai


In this week’s Torah reading, we learn about our reward for listening to God. God tells us of the bounty we shall receive if we obey His commandments and the punishments we will endure if we do not follow His words.

This week help the rain find the fields!
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TEN: BeChukotai

In the last Torah reading of the book of VaYikra, we are told of all the good that will come our way if we follow God’s laws. We are also warned of the punishments that will happen if we disobey. 

TableTalk: BeChukotai

In this week’s Torah reading, the last topic in all of the book of VaYikra is that if one wants to make a donation to the Beit HaMikdash, he/she can donate his/her value in money to the Temple.