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In the last Torah reading of the book of VaYikra, we are told of all the good that will come our way if we follow God’s laws. We are also warned of the punishments that will happen if we disobey. 

1. If you keep God’s commandments how will you be rewarded?
Rain which will help grow produce, you will have all food you need and you will dwell in peace (26:3-5)

2. What miracle will happen during war?
5 Israelites will beat 100 enemies, and 100 Israelites will chase after ten thousand of their enemies. (26:8)

3. What miracle does God remind the Israelites of?
God took the Israelites out of Egypt and made them free men (26:13)

4. What will happen if the Israelites do not follow God’s commandments?
God will wreak misery on everyone, your enemies will eat your food and rule over you. (26:15-17)

5. How much money is an Israelite male between the age of 20-60 worth?
50 shekel of silver. (27:3)

6. If you promise an animal sacrifice to God, can you replace the animal?
No. You cannot change it for a better or worse animal. (27:9)

7. If someone declares his property to be holy, a gift to god, may he sell it in the future?
No. (27:28)

8. How much of one’s flock should be designated to God?
One tenth shall be for God. (27:32)

9. Where were all of these commandments given to Bnei Israel from?
Mount Sinai. (27:34)

10. What is special about this week’s portion?
It is the last in the book of VaYikrah.