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Once the Israelites enter the land of Israel, there will be a whole new set of laws waiting for them: how to treat the land.

1. Where is God when he is speaking to Moses at the start of this week’s Torah reading?

Mount Sinai. (25:2)

2. How many years may you sow the land before taking a break?

Six years followed by a one-year break. (25:3-4)

3. Who may eat the food that grows during the Sabbath year?

Everyone. The owners of the land, their servants, maids, neighbors and cattle. (25:6-7)

4. What happens at the end of 7 cycles of 7 years?

You sound a shofar blast, and the 50th year is called the Jubilee year. (25:9-10)

5. What happens to slaves on the Jubilee year?

All slaves go free. (25:10)

6. What miracle will happen if you keep the 7-year cycle?

On the sixth year the crop will grow enough for 3 years. (25:21)

7. Can you sell land in Israel permanently?

No. The land is truly God’s land and you are just settling on it. (25:23)

8. If someone needs help with money – what type of loan must you give him?

An interest-free loan. (25:36)

9. When a slave goes free in the jubilee year, what happens to his family?

They are free to go with him. (25:41)

10. What three laws does this week’s portion end with?

Do not make an idol. Keep the Shabbat. Revere my Sanctuary.