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Wonderful Word Search: VaYikra

In this week’s Torah reading, we learn about the different types of offerings people can bring to atone for their sins.

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Maze Magic: VaYikrah


The Priests are the helpers of God and the Israelites, helping communicate with God. This week we see the Preists help people say sorry to God by bringing an offering. Help the Jews find the Priest!

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Personal Parsha: VaYikra. A Sinner

In this week’s Torah reading, we read about the korban chatat, sin-offering, that one must bring to the altar if he/she commits a sin. The interesting thing about this offering is that it is brought when a transgression was committed by accident – unintentionally. Why should someone have to bring a sacrifice (and spend a lot of money too!) if it was “just by accident”? Why are we punished for a mistake?

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Torah Treats: VaYikra

This week’s Torah reading is all about burning sacrifices until nothing is left but smoke.

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TableTalk: VaYikra

Open a Chumash to first pasuk of this week’s parsha, VaYikra. Do you see the letter alef at the end of the first word?

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