Episode #10. Light Your Candles.

Our Chanuka episode where we talk about the types of candles we light and the types of messages they send.

Marshmallow Dreidels

They’re easy! They’re delicious! And kids love to make them. Happy Chanuka one and all.

How to make our own olive oil.

Five years ago when we were just starting out, we decided to make a video on how to make olive oil. We made it (badly) and posted it on the site and on YouTube. Hilariously, it has over 113,000 hits. Enjoy!

Maccabeats Latest: Latke Recipe!

Another great Maccabeats hit, just in time for Chanuka!

The Perfect Latke Recipe

The year we discovered this recipe, I made latkes every single night of Chanukah.

Giveaway: The Olive Tree USA

This great Chanuka season we’ve partnered with The Olive Tree USA to give two lucky winners one bottle each of  Organic Virgin Olive Oil! 

Savory Onion Potato Blintz Souffle

A delicious addition to a holiday meal!

New Chanuka App: My Menorah

With Chanuka nearly here, chances are you have loaded up on all the gifts you are going to need this holiday season. Let me add one more to your baskets: My Menorah app, a new Chanuka app from the folks who brought us Whack-A-Haman and Shabbat Interactive. Jewish Interactive has created a new free Chanuka app for children ages 3-5 years old.

Mini Donuts

These mini donuts make the perfect party treat!

Chanuka Coloring Page (click on page to print)

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