Homemade Menorah

This easy to make Menorah can be made with things found around your house!

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Googly Eyes Chanuka

Nothing makes me happier than sticking googly eyes and magnetic tape on pretty much anything.

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Gold Coins

We’re working to replace chocolate coins with this coin craft for Chanukah!

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Dripping Candle

This craft is definitely a parent and child collaborative project. It takes under 5 minutes and it makes a beautiful Chanukah decoration. We’re hanging these candles up all around the house. They also make a unique gift card.

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Cupcake Menora

An edible Chanuka centerpiece!

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Chanuka Shapes

This easy craft can be adapted for any age and is a great way to decorate your home!

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Chocolate Gelt

Simple to make, delicious to eat!

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Mocha Donuts

While I myself am the queen of kitchen gadgets, I’m not one to send anyone else to run out and buy the latest knick-knack. BUT if you’re going to splurge on something to make this Chanukah a little more special, I highly recommend picking up a donut maker (akin to the sandwich maker – only it makes donuts).  The one I have makes 7 mini donuts at a time – and they are baked, not fried.  From start to end (including clean up time) it took me about 12 minutes to turn out 21 mini donuts. Don’t ask how long it took for these delightful minis to get eaten!

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Basic Powdered Donut in a Donut Maker

These donuts are so basic and delicious. When I made these with my kids, before the next batch was done, the first batch was gobbled up. And that was before these donuts were sprinkled with powdered sugar! Note, the first time I played with my donut maker, I made these and the color was very uneven. The trick when making this particular recipe is to unplug the donut maker as you’re refilling the donut spaces. If you do that, then you, and the donuts, are golden!

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