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Torah Treats: Shmini

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Shmini, we are told which fish are acceptable to eat: only those with fins and scales.

TableTalk: Shmini

In this week’s parsha, Shmini, we are taught about kosher animals and non-kosher animals.

Parsha Craft: Shmini. Kosher Fish.

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Shmini, we learn about which animals, fish and birds are considered kosher. For a fish to be kosher, it requires fins and scales. This adorable craft brings a kosher fish to your Shabbat table.

Wonderful Word Search: Shmini

We start this week’s Torah reading with the sad story of the deaths of Aaron’s two sons who disobeyed God’s directives. The parsha continues with the laws of kashrut.

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Maze Magic: Shmini


This week we learn about the laws of Kashruth. We find out which animals, birds and fish are considered kosher. This week help the fish with scales and fins find their way to the Jews.

Click the PDF icon below to download the maze.

Personal Parsha: Shmini. Aharon’s Silence

In this week’s parsha, we have a tragedy that defies our understanding. After the week of orientation/inauguration for the tabernacle, the priests, Nadav and Avihu – Aharon’s sons – do something wrong (it is not clear whether they violated a rule, or just did something not commanded or overstepped their role) and God strikes them down. They die on the spot. Everyone’s in shock and Aharon, their father and THE High priest is just silent (see Chapter 10, verse 3).

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TEN: Shmini

This week’s Torah reading talks about the types of animals, fish and birds that are kosher and not kosher.

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