EcoFriendly Purim

Purim is a festival of joy and celebration but unfortunately one of a lot of waste too…

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Oven Fried Curried Tofu

 As evidenced by Megillat Esther, the Jewish people have a long history with India.  Here’s an easy and delicious Indian dish you can make to serve at your Purim (or any!) meal. Serve it alone, over rice, or atop a salad.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Cupcakes

Nothing shouts Purim louder than these!

Surviving Purim

Purim is about a lot of things. It is about the story of Esther. It’s about celebrating the evil decree that never took place. We celebrate by listening to the Purim story, by giving food to our friends and family, by holding a great feast and by giving charity. Along with that, we have little children underfoot, dressed up to the nines, filling their bellies with sugar. Here’s our survival guide:

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Purim Gragger


Purim Giveaway!

In honor of Purim, we’ve partnered up with Dov Abramson studios in Israel to give away four copies of their newest Megillat Esther!

Hamantaschen Filling

What goes in your Hamantaschen?

Fabulous Purim Coloring Page

Click here to print our Esther coloring sheet!

esther coloring sheet-01-4

Click here to print our Esther coloring sheet!

101 Reasons of Why Not: Queen Esther’s Lesson to Us All.

Queen Esther is all the rage these days. It’s not very often that we see a female protagonist as the main character in a Biblical story (think: Esther and Ruth) so it’s quite exciting to follow her trajectory from Jewish girl to Queen of Persia.

Purim Giveaway: Win Three Books from Kar-Ben Publishing!

Write to me at devorah@challahcrumbs.com to be entered to win 3 Purim books from our friends at Kar-Ben Publishing.

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