Making Seder Spectacular (it’s not as hard as you think)

The deck is stacked against our kids. The Seder starts late at night — often after a day where we are too busy to pay attention to them. Our kids haven’t eaten good meals throughout the day (burn your chametz! eat no matza!). They are overtired, a little bored and overwhelmed. Then we ask them to sit at a Seder table for hours on end with no food. Not a great plan. Here are a few ways to make a Seder super kid friendly:

EcoFriendly Purim

Purim is a festival of joy and celebration but unfortunately one of a lot of waste too…

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Sending your Kids off to Camp

There are two different anxieties at play when you pack your kid off to camp for the first time. One, your child’s anxieties about fitting in, making new friends, being homesick, having a good time. But those anxieties may pale in comparison to your own anxiety of being a parent and sending your kid off to fend for him or herself. (I would like to point out that there are many kids who may jump on the bus, offer a quick wave and return smiling a month later. Count those blessings!)

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How to make our own olive oil.

Five years ago when we were just starting out, we decided to make a video on how to make olive oil. We made it (badly) and posted it on the site and on YouTube. Hilariously, it has over 113,000 hits. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Croutons


It’s the first rainy day in a long time, and all I feel like doing is making soup and maybe some of these super easy super yummy croutons.

Skewered Vegetables. How To Perfectly Grill Your Veggies.

A comprehensive guide on how to grill your veggies.

How to Clean Your Stove Top

I don’t think the DIY mother who posted this video understood just how amazing her discovery would be. Happy Pesach cleaning! At least one part just got a lot easier!

How to make the ultimate grill cheese (spoiler: nothing healthy here!)

Because grilled cheese is considered the go-to meal in my home, I’m always looking for ways to perfect it. Actually, that’s not entirely true — at this point, I can basically just make them in my sleep.

The 411 on Corn

With sweet corn seemingly everywhere you turn these days, we’re showing you how make it best.

Creative Idea for Mishloach Manot

Traditionally, Mishloachai Manot (the sending of food) are two food items (from different food groups) sent to at least two friends. Over the years, Mishochai Manot have developed into sometimes elaborate food packages to many friends and family in your community.