Pesach: How to Raise Helpful and Respectful Children

This webinar was done for the OU two years ago, but the Pesach messages are timeless.

Make Seder Exciting for Kids!

Some great Seder hacks! In this video, I talk about how to make a kids’ friendly Seder table.

Haggadah Secrets for Kids

A short video on a cute Haggadah hack that’s been keep my kids happy for years!

Tu B’Shvat Webinar

This Wednesday come join Adina Soclof of parenting and me at our latest webinar, Planting Seeds: Tu B’Shvat Lessons in Parenting. Our webinar is sponsored by the Orthodox Union (thanks!) and is free (hurray!) for those who sign up. 

How to make our own olive oil.

Five years ago when we were just starting out, we decided to make a video on how to make olive oil. We made it (badly) and posted it on the site and on YouTube. Hilariously, it has over 113,000 hits. Enjoy!

Maccabeats Latest: Latke Recipe!

Another great Maccabeats hit, just in time for Chanuka!

Why Abraham Matters

Our friends at G-dcast offer up this great video about Abraham’s Tent. This video can start a great conversation about heroes, leaders and God.

Some of our Favorite Pesach Videos

Here are a few of our favorite Pesach-related videos. They’re great to get you into the Pesach spirit and great to keep your kids entertained. Enjoy!

Haggadah secrets for kids!

Keeping your kids interested in the Haggadah!

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