Coloring Page for Parshat Tetzaveh (click on picture to print)

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Wonderful Word Search: Tetzaveh


This week we learn about the life of a Priest — what he wears, the work he does and where he does it!

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Maze Magic: Tetzaveh


The Israelites are now given details for how to make the clothing of the high priest. He is adorned with clothing of splendor to make him regal. On his chest he wears 12 stones — one for each tribe of Israel. When the high priest wears this clothing he must light incense on the altar a few times a day. Help the Priest find the incense!

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Personal Parsha: Tetzaveh. Aharon

This week’s Torah reading, Parshat Titzaveh, seems obsessed with clothes! Aharon is told to wear very fancy expensive clothes when he was doing the service in the Tabernacle. He wore 8 different articles of clothing, and the regular priests wore four. That is some uniform! And the punishment for not wearing them or for even changing something on one part of the uniform, was karet – death.

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Menu Madness: Tetzaveh

This shabbat will include a lot of play at our table.

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Torah Treats: Tetzaveh

This week’s parsha describes in great detail the Priest’s required garments. Among them, “a tunic of checker work.” Here’s our version. All the cool kids will want a tunic like this!

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TEN: Tetzaveh

This week we learn about the inner workings of the Mishkan and the lives of the Priests.

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TableTalk: Tetzaveh

At the beginning and end of this week’s parsha, the same word is used in two different mitzvoth performed in the mishkan. Read the first 2 psukim of the parsha (Shmot 21:20-21) and then towards the end, chapter 29: 38-46. Do you see a word repeated in both contexts?

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