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This week we learn about the inner workings of the Mishkan and the lives of the Priests.

1.       What type of oil is needed to light the Menorah?

Pure Olive Oil. (27:20)

2.       What are the names of Aharon’s sons?

Nadav, Avihu, Elazar and Eitamar. (28:1)

3.       How many garments does the high priest wear?

Six – a breastplace, ephod, robe, tunic, turban and sash. (28:4)

4.       How many stones are on the breastplate?

Twelve, one for each tribe of Israel. (28:21)

5.       What is the purpose of the Ephod?

A garment which holds the holy breastplate. (28:25)

6.       What sits on the inside of the breastplate – on Aharon’s heart?

The Urim and the Tunim. (28:30)

7.       What is the engraving on the headpiece of pure gold?

Holy to Hashem (God). (28:36)

8.       What do ordinary Priests get to wear?

Tunics, Sashes and Headdresses for glory and splendor (28:40) and linen underwear (28:42).

9.       How long is the inauguration of Aharon and his sons?

7 days. (29:35)

10.  What is burned on the altar several times a day?

Incense. (30:1)