Chummus and Meat

Here’s a great Chummus hack! Short on time? Transform store-bought chummus into a culinary masterpiece.

Chummus and Mushrooms

Add a little pizzazz to your chummus!

Homemade Pesto

Serve it on spaghetti or as a spread on Challah (of course our favorite!). Homemade pesto is always a welcome addition to a meal.

Matza Balls

The secret to perfectly formed kneidlach: wet hands!

Basil Mayonnaise

In the jar of a blender, place:

1 cup good quality mayo
¼ cup fresh basil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 clove garlic, minced

Blend until the basil is well chopped and season to taste. Can be made a day before serving.

I like putting together a crudités platter and placing it on the table just after the challah is served. I find that it gives me some breathing space. I can give my guests some attention, and a light aperitif before I start the “up and down” that usually is the hallmark of my hosting style.

Another great benefit is that I get the kids to eat some veggies right at the beginning of the meal instead of stuffing themselves with challah.

Some fresh ideas for your crudités platter:

Carrot sticks
Kohlrabi sticks
Blanched broccoli
Blanched cauliflower
Steamed asparagus
Cherry tomatoes
Sugar snap peas
Celery sticks
Baby corn
Steamed new potatoes

Ilana Epstein is a seasoned food writer who has been writing for The Jerusalem Post for the last 10 years and enjoys creating simple recipes for easy entertaining.

White Bean Dip with Baguette Croutons

This is one of those great easy recipes that you will keep on coming back to. It works great as a cocktail party dish appetizer or for a kiddush.

Eggplant Spread

Serves 8

1 eggplant
2 hard boiled eggs
2 onions
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste


Cut the eggplant in half and bake at 350 with the skin up until soft.

Make two hard-boiled eggs.

Saute the onions in oil.

In a food processor, process the egg into small pieces and remove. Do the same with the eggplant and then with the onions. Combine and add salt to taste. The consistency should be paste-like. This goes great on Challah!

Deli Roll

Serves 6-8


1 square of filo dough (25×25 inches or 64×64 cm)
2 tbsp yellow mustard
1 tbsp Dijon seeded mustard
1 tbsp honey
12 pieces of deli – 6 salami and 6 turkey (or enough to cover the dough)
1 onion – sliced and sauted
1 egg yolk


1. Preheat the over to 350 and set aside a pan sprayed with cooking spray.

2. Place the dough on a flat surface.

3. Spread the 2 mustards across the filo dough. Drizzle the honey on top of the mustards. Make sure to leave an inch on top to make rolling a bit easier for you.

4. Layer the deli across the dough on top of the mustard/honey combo. Put the sautéed onions on one end of the dough.

5. Start to roll the dough from the onions to the empty top. Place the fold on the bottom of the pan. Make gentle slits across the deli roll and brush on an egg yolk.

6. Bake for 40 minutes or until the top is golden.

Goat Cheese Appetizer

A simple warm cheese is the key to this dish.

Baked Gefilte Fish

I’m actually embarrassed to call this a “recipe.” All you need is a loaf of your favorite brand of frozen gefilte fish. You have the option to sprinkle this dish with seasoning if you prefer, but it tastes great on its own. It’s so easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser.