Candy Torah Scrolls

Looking for a way to keep your “little hands” busy before Simchat Torah or Shabbat? Ask your kids to make these “Torah Scrolls.” The “covers” can be decorated with sparkles or stickers. Better yet, your kids can turn these Torah treats into place-card holders – ask them to write each guest’s name on the outside, and maybe a sweet message on the inside.

Zot HaBracha Coloring Page (click on picture to print)


Rain Painting

Definitely an outside activity! Rain Painting is a great way to keep your kids entertained.

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Torah Scroll Centerpieces

Ages 5-10


parchment looking paper
wooden dowels
white glue
wide ribbon
printouts of Hebrew “Stam” letters

Directions: Have your kids draw or write about their favorite scene from Torah on the

“parchment paper”. Spread about an inch of glue on the sides of the paper. Roll a wooden dowel on each end, holding for glue to set.

Hint: roll both sides, then place a heavy book on the entire scroll until dry. Once the dowels are glued on you can have your child roll the Torah closed and tie a ribbon around the scroll.

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