Coloring Page for Parshat Kedoshim (click on picture to print)

devora parashot 3-01

Wonderful Word Search: Kedoshim


There are many commandments given to us this week that help the Jewish People remain holy just like God. We learn about respecting others, and being fair and just. We even are reminded to watch out for those who are less fortunate like the poor, blind and deaf.

Maze Magic: Kedoshim

This week we are taught how to be a holy nation.

Parsha Craft: Kedoshim. Friendship Bracelets.

One of the most famous commandments comes out of this week’s Torah reading: loving your neighbor as you do yourself. It may not be easy to always love everyone around you, but God seems to think that we can do it. This week we’re making friendship bracelets to embrace the idea of celebrating love and friendship.

Torah Treats: Kedoshim

In this week’s Torah’s reading, we are asked not to glean the corners of our fields — including our vineyards.

TEN: Kedoshim

This week we get a crash course in holiness as God lays out His expectations on how we become a holy nation.

TableTalk: Kedoshim

In this week’s Parsha, Kedoshim, we are commanded one of the most famous mitzvot in the Torah. In fact, Rabbi Akiva says this is the most important verse in the whole Torah? Do you know what it is?