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The plagues finally convince Pharaoh that it is time to let the Jews go. The Jews begin their dramatic exit from the land of Egypt.

Torah Treats: Bo

In this week’s Torah portion, the Egyptians are afflicted with the plague of darkness.

TableTalk: Bo


Explore the first commandment that the Jews receive!

Parsha Craft: Bo. Black Magic Darkness.

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Bo, we read about the last three plagues inflicted upon the Egyptians – locusts, darkness, and death of the firstborn. Discuss why darkness would be considered a plague. What are the consequences of darkness on an individual and on a society? Kids loved to be blindfolded to experience darkness. In this craft, we use a fun and easy technique to represent this plague.

Maze Magic: Bo


Help the locust fly off to the Red Sea! Click the icon below to download a printer friendly version.

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Personal Parsha: Bo. A Jewish Slave in Egypt

Imagine you are a Jewish slave, and you are so excited about Moshe’s plan to take you out of Egypt in 2 weeks! Moshe explains all of the rules for the Pascal lamb sacrifice (has to be done on the 14th of Nissan, roasted whole, blood painted on the doorposts, etc.) and then he mentions that you cannot break the bones (to suck marrow or lick every inch) as you eat it. That seems very specific! Why is there such a prohibition? What would you think is the significance of that detail?

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Menu Madness: Bo

While last week’s post may suggest that this week I will focus on the remaining three plagues that God hurled onto the Egyptians, I chose to focus this week’s shabbat festivities on a more positive aspect of the parahsah. Locusts. darkness, and slaying of the firstborn were a bit too gruesome and challenging for me. Instead, this week’s Torah reading introduces three mitzvoth, commandments, that were given to the fledgling Jewish nation.

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