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The plagues finally convince Pharaoh that it is time to let the Jews go. The Jews begin their dramatic exit from the land of Egypt.

1. What will the locust do when they attack Egypt?

The locust will cover the face of the earth and eat every tree in the field. (10:5)

2. How many days did the plague of darkness last for?

Three days. (10:22)

3. Who was able to see through the darkness?

The Jews. (10:23)

4. What must the Jews do to protect their first-born?

Paint their doorways blood of the Pesach sacrifice. (12:12-13)

5. What time did the plague of the first-born begin?

Midnight. (12:29)

6. The Jews left Egypt so fast what happened to their bread?

It didn’t have time to rise. (12:34)

7. How many Jewish men left Egypt?

Approximately 600,000 men. (12:37)

8. How long were the Jews in Egypt?

430 years. (12:40)

9. What must the Jews do to remember the exodus each year?

Have a 7-day period each year where they eat no leavened bread and recount the story of leaving Egypt. (13:4-10)

10. What is the last mitzvah (commandment) given in this parsha?

Tefilin. (13:16)