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TEN: Pinchas

Parshat Pinchas teaches us the significance of being significant – through our census and through our inheritance rights.


The plagues finally convince Pharaoh that it is time to let the Jews go. The Jews begin their dramatic exit from the land of Egypt.

TEN: VaYigash

This week’s Torah portion gives us the much-anticipated reunion between Yosef and his brothers and ultimately, Yosef and his father, Yaakov.

TEN: Miketz

Yosef begins this week’s Torah reading in prison and ends as the second in command of all of Egypt. It seems he’s been busy.

TEN: Toldot

This week’s Torah reading introduces us to betrayal, between brothers, between husband and wife and between father and son.

Ten Questions: Chayei Sarah

It’s another busy week for Abraham and his family. Both Sarah and Abraham die at ripe old ages. Isaac takes a wife and finds love.

TEN: Noah

This week’s Torah reading has a little bit of everything: we’ve got floods and families, animals and rainbows, we’ve got towers and destruction. Enjoy one of the most exciting Parshot.

TEN: Ekev

This week we are left with a few parting words as our time in the desert comes to an end.

TEN: V’Etchanan

This week we continue with our review of some major laws as a refresher to Bnei Yisrael before they enter the Land of Israel.

TEN: Beha’alotcha

This week’s parsha looks at the Ohel Moed and Bnei Yisrael’s time in the desert.