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This week’s Torah reading introduces us to betrayal, between brothers, between husband and wife and between father and son.

1. How old is Yitzchak when he marries Rivka?

Forty. (25:20)

2. What are the names of Rivka’s twins?

Esav and Yaakov. (25:25-26)

3. What did Esav sell in order to eat some to Yaakov’s lentil stew?

Esav sold his birthright. (25:31)

4. Where did Yitzchak go when there was a famine in his land?

No where. Yitzchak stayed in Gerar. (26:6)

5. When Yitzchak grows old, what does he ask of his son, Esav?

He asks Esav to go hunt and prepare a meal for Yitzchak. (27:3-4)

6. Who decides to trick Yitzchak?

His wife, Rivka. (27:6)

7. How does Yaakov fool his father?

Rivka quickly prepared a meal for Yitzchak. Yaakov dressed in Esav’s clothes and Rivka placed skins from baby goats on Yaakov’s arms and neck. (27:14-16)

8. Is Isaac convinced that Yaakov is Esav?

Initially, Yitchak is not convinced – it is Yaakov’s voice but Esav’s hands, says Yitzchak. (27:22)

9. How does Esav react when he learns that Yaakov has stolen his blessing?

Esav cries. (27:38)

10. Where does Yaakov run to?

Yaakov leaves and runs to Paddan-aram to Betuel’s house.