Parsha Recipes: VaAyra. Frog Cookies.

This week’s Torah reading introduces us to the first seven of the ten plagues. Frogs are the second plague to hit Egypt. And while plagues don’t usually translate well into baked goods, we’re happy to present Frog Cookies this week!

Torah Treats: VaAyra. Staffs and Serpents

In this week’s Torah reading, Moshe and Aharon beseech Pharoah to free the Israelites from slavery and to let them leave Egypt.

Parsha Recipe: VaAyra. Pharoah’s Hardened Heart Cookies

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Va’Ayra, we read about seven of the Ten plagues and Pharoah’s back-and-forth between promising the Jews permission to leave Egypt, and his subsequent “change of heart,” forbidding them from leaving.

TableTalk: VaAyra

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Va’Ayra, we learn about the first seven plagues that God brought on Egypt. For the first three plagues, God commands Moses to tell Aaron, his brother, to hit the water and then the ground to begin the plague.

Coloring Page for Parshat VaAyra (click on picture to print)

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Menu Madness: VaAyra

The parashah introduces the first seven of the ten plagues that God sent down on Egypt. The plagues will form the meal… rather than just be represented by a drop of wine as at the Pesach Seder.

Wonderful Word Search: Va’Ayra

Moshe returns to Egypt and together with Aharon confronts Pharaoh. After Pharaoh denies Moshe’s requests to let the Jews leave Egypt, God sends down plagues on Egypt.

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Maze Magic: VaAyra


This week’s Torah reading gives us plagues! Blood, frogs, beasts and more! As Pharaoh’s heart is hardened and he refuses to let the Jews leave Egypt, God, Moses and Aaron begin sending plagues on to the people of Egypt. Help the frogs find their way to Pharaoh’s bed! Click the icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

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Personal Parsha: Va’Ayra. Paroah

In this week’s Torah reading, Pharoah makes a conscious effort to ignore the awesome display of power that God brings to Egypt via Moshe and Aaron. Right after the plague of blood, in Chapter 7 verse 23 we are told that Pharoah “turned away and went into his house and did not pay attention to” – literally “place his heart” – to this plague.

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TEN: VaAyra

Things start to unravel for the people of Egypt as Moshe, Aharon and God begin sending plagues on to the Egyptians.

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