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The parashah introduces the first seven of the ten plagues that God sent down on Egypt. The plagues will form the meal… rather than just be represented by a drop of wine as at the Pesach Seder.

Granted, it is a bit strange to base a menu on seven supernatural forms of suffering, but the plagues so engage the minds of children at Pesach time, this Shabbat will provide us with an opportunity to revisit the topic and hopefully discuss these seven forms of Divine retribution in a deeper way.

Dam/Blood: Tomato Red Pepper Soup

Tzefardea/Frogs: Chicken wings (frogs legs supposedly taste like chicken, ;-)); I also have frog decorations for the table.

Kinim/Lice: Rashi explains that the Egyptian sorcerers were unable to replicate the plague of lice because magic cannot happen on things smaller than a grain of barley, so… barley pilaf.

Arov/Wild Beasts: More table decor (animal print napkins) and a lion made of a round squash kugel surrounded by a mane of spaghetti squash

Dever/Cattle Disease: Does dead meat count for this? I’ll take other ideas if anyone would like to send them!

Shchin/Boils: Boiled potatoes???? Other boiled veggies? If it were dessert, I would serve red gushers that would pop in one’s mouth! In fact, I might do both!

Barad/Hail: The commentators describe that this hail was unlike any before or after it. Encased in each ball of ice was a flame that torched the Egyptians as the hail fell, so it was a double bombardment. So for dessert, I am serving a large scoop of pareve vanilla ice cream with an atomic red hot fireball (super spicy red cinnamon candy, for those who don’t have the same brands available) hidden inside.
Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Tammie Zaks Rapps creates menu plans that reflect each week’s Torah reading. Tammie feels that “Themed Shabbat meals allow us to focus on the Parashat HaShavua in an engagingand dynamic way.” Check out Tammie’s blog a and follow her here on ChallahCrumbs!