Rosh HaShana Centerpieces: Toilet Paper Roll Apples

Things have been a little apple-centric in our home these past few days. Here is yet another easy and fabulous apple craft. This one can be used as Rosh HaShana centerpieces or decoration.

Appletastic! Getting Ready for Rosh HaShana with a taste test


Looking for creative ways to start talking about Rosh HaShana? Look no further than our apple taste-off!

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The Bee’s Knees Honey Pot

This simple craft will have your Rosh HaShana table all abuzz. A fast craft using Fimo or play dough turns an ordinary honey jar into something bee-utiful.

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Apple Stamps

A craft that appeals to parents and children alike. (Spoiler alert: wine may be involved)

Apple Prints

For the brave and for the lovers of paint, a new way to say Shana Tova.

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Rosh HaShana Sponge Shapes

A simple colorful afternoon craft.

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Sponge painting is an easy way to get kids excited about Rosh HaShana. 

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Torn Paper Apples

Different types of papers can teach about textures on this Rosh HaShana apple.

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Rosh HaShana Cards

This is a creative and adorable way to send out New Year’s wishes to all your friends!

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Rosh HaShana Apples

A little bit of effort pays off with these painted and colored apples!

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