Rosh HaShana Cards

This is a creative and adorable way to send out New Year’s wishes to all your friends!

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Rosh HaShana Apples

A little bit of effort pays off with these painted and colored apples!

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Decorated Honey Drippers

Honey stays on your table until after Sukkot. Dish it out in style!

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Apple Printing

Use an apple and red paint for a quick craft!

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Rosh HaShana Bee Hive

The texture of bubble wrap is the perfect way to recreate a beehive! This craft is a great way to bring the sweetness of the holiday home (without any pesky bees!).

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Thumb Print Bees

My favorite crafts are the one that have me giggle as I do them. Thumb print bees was easy and giggle-worthy. With minimal mess, this is a great project to do with younger kids.

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Styrofoam Apples

I think I’ve discovered the secret of working with Styrofoam balls. The size of the Styrofoam should be consistent with the size of the child. The younger the kid, the smaller Styrofoam surface you should choose. These small Styrofoam balls can easily be turned into apples or pomegranates for this holiday season!

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