Episode #11. Owning Your Feelings. The Case for Authenticity.

It’s been a rough week in Israel. Today we talk about owning your feelings and embracing your authentic self.

Torah Treats: VaYichi

In this week’s Torah reading, blessings abound. Yisrael (formerly known as Yaakov) blesses Ephraim and Menashe by laying his hands upon their heads. This week’s Torah Treats features a pair of candy adorned (well manicured might I add!) hands.

Parsha Craft: Vayichi. HaMalach Pillowcase.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat VaYichi, Jacob blesses his grandsons before he dies. Part of his blessing includes this passage: “The Angel who has redeemed me from all harm, bless the lads. In them may my name be recalled, and the names of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, and may they become teeming multitudes upon the earth.”

Coloring Page for Parshat VaYichi (click on picture to print)

devora parashot 2_Artboard 47

Wonderful Word Search: VaYichi


Yaakov’s family gathers around as he blesses each of his children and some of his grandchildren before he passes away. Yaakov is mourned by his family and all of Egypt. He is brought back to Canaan to be buried there.

Maze Magic: VaYichi


As Jacob gets older, he gives each of his children a blessing — reminding them of their strengths (and weaknesses!). When Jacob dies, Joseph is given special permission by Pharoah to bury Jacob in Canaan.  Help Jacob’s children find their way to Jacob to receive their blessing! Click the icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

Personal Parsha: VaYichi. Reuven

Define “a blessing.” How would you bless your child or your parent?

TEN: VaYichi

Before Yaakov dies, he gathers his family around him to bless them and to ask them to bury him back in Canaan. At the end of this week’s Torah reading, Yosef’s last request is the same as his father’s, that he too be buried in Canaan.

TableTalk: VaYichi

This week we’re talking about the meaning behind blessings.