Coloring Page for Parshat Mishpatim

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Menu Madness: Mishpatim

So, this week, the narrative party is over and being a Parashah Mom becomes a bit more complicated as parashat hashavua shifts to more legalistic discussions.

Torah Treats: Mishpatim

This week’s Torah reading, Parshat Mishpatim is full of all kinds of laws and their consequences.

TableTalk: Mishpatim

Why is kindness such an essential value to us?

Wonderful Word Search: Mishpatim

This week’s Torah reading is full of laws and commandments that help shape the Jewish nation. Shabbat Shalom!

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Maze Magic: Mishpatim


In this week’s Torah reading, Bnei Yisrael learns the laws of their nation and watch Moses go up Har Sinai! Help Moses find his way to Mt Sinai!

Click the link below to download a printer friendly version.

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Personal Parsha: Mishpatim. Ex Slave

In this week’s Torah reading, we learn that as Jews who have been through persecution and who know what it feels like to be victimized, we should have a high level of empathy. We cannot mistreat any of OUR workers and we cannot abuse the helpless in our communities.

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TEN: Mishpatim

As the Jewish nation continues to grow, they receive a list of laws to obey. Moshe goes up Har Sinai to bring down the Ten Commandments.

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