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Before Yaakov dies, he gathers his family around him to bless them and to ask them to bury him back in Canaan. At the end of this week’s Torah reading, Yosef’s last request is the same as his father’s, that he too be buried in Canaan.

1. What is Yaakov’s dying wish?

To be buried in Israel. (47:29-30)

2. What surprising thing did Yaakov do while blessing Ephraim and Menashe?

Yaakov put his right hand on Ephraim, the younger son and his left hand on Menashe, the older son. (48:14)

3. What was Yaakov’s explanation for this?

That Ephraim, who is younger, will become a greater tribe. (48:19)

4. Which brother seems to be destined to become a ruler?

Yehuda. (49:8)

5. What is Zevulun’s destiny?

To live by the sea and harbors. (49:13)

6. What will Asher’s profession be?

He will provide Kingly Delicacies (49:20)

7. How many days does Egypt mourn the loss of Yaakov?

70 days. (50:3)

8. Where is Yaakov buried?

In the cave in Machpelah in Israel. (50:13)

9. Why does Yosef ultimately forgive his brothers?

Yosef believed it was all part of a bigger plan set by God. (50:19-20)

10. What was Yosef’s dying wish?

He wanted to be buried in Israel. (50:25)