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TEN: Rosh HaShana

With the start of the New Year, we’re testing out your Rosh HaShana knowledge! See how much you know about ushering in the Jewish New Year.

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TEN: Yom Kippur

Special Edition TEN bringing you ten questions to discuss with your kids about Yom Kippur. 

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TEN: Sukkot

We’re taking it outside! Challenge your knowledge of the holiday of Sukkot with our TEN questions!

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TEN: VaYetze

This week we’re following Yaakov’s life as he leaves his father’s home and begins a family of his own.

TEN: VaYishlach

This is an exciting and sad week for Yaakov, while he is reunited with his long lost brother and has a birth of his final son, he also loses loved ones.

TEN: VaYeishev

Yosef grows from a young man in Canaan, where he was his father’s favorite to a slave and eventually a prisoner in Egypt.  

TEN: VaYichi

Before Yaakov dies, he gathers his family around him to bless them and to ask them to bury him back in Canaan. At the end of this week’s Torah reading, Yosef’s last request is the same as his father’s, that he too be buried in Canaan.

TEN: Shmot

With the start of the book of Shmot, we watch the difficult living conditions the Jews are forced to endure. We also watch the birth and growth of Moshe.

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TEN: VaAyra

Things start to unravel for the people of Egypt as Moshe, Aharon and God begin sending plagues on to the Egyptians.

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TEN: Beshalach

The Jews finally leave Egypt, but their joy does not last long. Bnei Yisrael complain about the lack of water, the lack of food and even bemoan leaving Egypt!

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