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We’re taking it outside! Challenge your knowledge of the holiday of Sukkot with our TEN questions!

1. What is a sukkah?
The holiday, Sukkot, is named for the huts Jews dwell in during this holiday.

2. What are we celebrating on Sukkot?
We are celebrating the harvest season in the Land of Israel.

3. What is another name for Sukkot?
Chag HaAsif, the Festival of Harvest.

4. What day does Sukkot begin on?
The fifteenth day of Tishrei (only 5 days after Yom Kippur!)

5. What are the four species we hold and shake on Sukkot?
Lulav, etrog (citron), hadasim (myrtle) and aravot (willows).

6. Sukkot is one of three pilgrimages up to Jerusalem in the times of the Temple. What are the other two?
Shavuot and Passover.

7. How many days do we sit in the Sukkah?
Seven days.

8. What is Ushpizin?
Ushpizin invites seven Biblical guests into your Sukkah – one for each night of Sukkot.

9. What are hoshanot?
Hoshanot are a special prayer said while walking around the synagogue holding your four species.

10. What holiday is tagged on at the end of Sukkot?
Hoshana Rabbah and Simchat Torah.