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This week’s Torah reading has a little bit of everything: we’ve got floods and families, animals and rainbows, we’ve got towers and destruction. Enjoy one of the most exciting Parshot.

1. Name Noah’s three sons.

Shem, Ham and Japheth. (6:10)

2. What did God tell Noah to build?

An Ark. (6:14)

3. We all know that Noah had to bring in animals in twos but if the animal was considered kosher, how many pairs of animals should he bring?

7 pairs. (7:2)

4. How long did the rain last?

40 days and 40 nights. (7:4)

5. What was the first bird that Noah sent out of the Ark?

A Raven. (8:7)

6. What was second bird that Noah send out of the ark?

A Dove. (8:8)

7. What did the dove return with?

An olive leaf. (8:11)

8. What is the first thing Noah does after leaving the ark?

He builds an altar and gives an offering. (8:20)

9. What sign does God give us promising that we will not have another flood?

A rainbow. (9:13)

10. What was God’s punishment for the building of the Tower of Babel?

The world no longer talks in one language. (11:5-7)