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This week we are left with a few parting words as our time in the desert comes to an end.

1. What is the reward for listening to G-d’s commandments?

Prosperity (7:13)

2. How does G-d reassure Bnei Israel when they are scared that the nations they are to fight are too numerous?

G-d reminds them of what He did to the Egyptians. (7:18-21)

3. Why did G-d give Bnei Israel the Manna?

To prove to them that their only need is G-d. He will provide for them. (8:3)

4. What major even is about to occur for the Jewish people?

They are crossing the Jordan (9:1)

5. What does Moshe get to remake now?

The two tablets that G-d will inscribe again – to replace the ones that were broken. (10:1-2)

6. What else does Moshe get to make now?

An ark to keep the new set of commandments in. (10:3)

7. Where does Aharon die?

Mesorah (10:6)

8. What happened to the tribe of Levites when Aaron died?

They were elevated in status to being the tribe of priests within the Israelites. (10:8)

9. What does G-d asks of Bnei Israel?

To fear, love and serve G-d – to do this by observing the commandments. (10:12-13)

10. We get the second paragraph of which Prayer now?

Shema (11:13)