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Parshat Pinchas teaches us the significance of being significant – through our census and through our inheritance rights.

  1.  Who are Bnei Yisrael ordered to fight?

The Midyanim (25:17).

  1. How old must a male in Bnei Yisrael be in order to be counted in the new census?

20 (26:2).

  1. How many men were counted in the new census that were 20 years old or older?

601,730 (26:51).

  1. Why was this census so important?

The census determined the inheritance of the land. The larger tribes got more land (26:52-56).

  1. Why was the tribe of Levites counted differently?

Because they did not get a portion of the land (26:62)

  1. What did the 5 daughters of Tzelafchad want?

Their father’s inheritance. Generally only sons inherited land, but their father had no sons (27:4).

  1.  What happened because of the daughters request?

The laws of inheritance were changed to include daughters as well (27:6-8).

  1. Since Moshe sinned he was not allowed to enter Israel. What did God allow Moshe to do?

Go up Mount Avarim and see Israel (27:12)

  1. Who was appointed Moshe’s successor?

Yehoshua Ben Nun (27:18)

  1.  How does this Parsha end?

With a discussion on sacrifices to be brought to God.