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This week we get a crash course in holiness as God lays out His expectations on how we become a holy nation.

1. Why should the Israelites strive to be holy?
Because God is holy. (19:2)

2. What three commandments, that appear as part of the Ten Commandments, are mentioned at the start of this week’s portion?
Respecting your parents, keeping the Shabbat, and not making idols. (19:3-4)

3. When you are harvesting crop, or picking grapes from your vineyard why should you not complete the job and leave the corner unfinished?
You leave it as a gift for the poor. (19:10)

4. When must you pay your workers?
You must pay them right away. You cannot keep their wages overnight. (19:13)

5. How should you treat your neighbors?
You shall love them as yourself. (19:18)

6. In the presence of an old person or sage what should you do?
Rise and honor them. (19:32)

7. Which measuring instruments are mentioned that must be correct?
Scales, weights, dry measures, and liquid measures. (19:36)

8. What will the land do if you do not follow God’s laws?
It will “vomit you out of the land.” (20:22)

9. What type of land will the Israelites inherit?
A land flowing with milk and honey. (20:24)

10. Why is holiness a value to God?
Because God has separated the Israelites from other nations and expects the Israelites to be holy as He is.