Pink and Frilly Purim Gragger

I have one daughter and four sons so I think I can be forgiven for indulging my pink side every once in a while. This Purim noisemaker was a creation from some old scrapbooking pieces I had and an old cardboard jewelry box. The result is a pretty spectacular and unique gragger.

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Every family has their own recipe that they hold near and dear. We’ve managed to pry a few away!

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Gragger for Younger Kids

Ever have a hard time keeping kids quiet during the megilla? Problem solved with this multi-taking gragger!

Gragger for older kids

 Ever have a hard time keeping kids quiet during the megilla? Problem solved with this multi-tasking gragger!

Chili Wine Chicken

Just in time for Purim, we’re bringing you the perfect chicken recipe for your holiday meal!

Purim Hamentaschen


Fun and Easy Purim Costumes

One year, my son wanted to be an elephant for Purim. He’s not the kind of kid that can wear a store-bought costume all day. So, I dressed him in his usual grey hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants and added some extras of my own. I cut elephant ears out of grey felt and pinned them to his hood (he actually kept the hood on!), and made a tail out of the same grey felt material to pin onto the waistline of his sweatpants. We found a trunk mask at a local party store, and we had ourselves a very cute costume!

Table Talk: Purim

The story of Purim can be seen as the story of Esther. Esther is an unlikely hero. She is taken to the King’s palace, where she becomes Achashverosh’s bride. She keeps her nationality a secret from her husband. When the Jews find themselves in danger, facing Haman’s cruel decree, it is only after Mordechai intervenes that Esther takes action. Esther is a reluctant hero.

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TEN: Purim

Purim is one of our most child-friendly holidays!
Test your Purim knowledge with our special edition TEN!

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Colorful Bell Gragger

This gragger (noisemaker) has turned into something of a family favorite. The noise isn’t as loud and intense as a standard gragger. The bells make it sound like a cross between a baby’s rattle and a sleigh ride.

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