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I have one daughter and four sons so I think I can be forgiven for indulging my pink side every once in a while. This Purim noisemaker was a creation from some old scrapbooking pieces I had and an old cardboard jewelry box. The result is a pretty spectacular and unique gragger.


Old jewelry box

White glue

Pink paper (I used paper with a bit of texture)

Pink beads

Scrapbooking flowers

Rice or dry beans

One popsicle stick



  1. Decorate the top of the box with your embellishments. Start off with gluing the paper on to the box. Add flowers, stickers, ribbons or beads.
  2. Fill the box with rice or beads. Glue the box shut.
  3. Glue the popsicle stick to back of the gragger.
  4. Make some noise!