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 Ever have a hard time keeping kids quiet during the megilla? Problem solved with this multi-tasking gragger!

I found this small spice jar at a local craft store, and instantly thought about filling it half way with small candies, just enough to make some noise and nosh on a few along the way. Let you child slowly savor a bit of the candy in between shakes!

Ages 5-10.



small jar with lid (can be a baby food jar or spice jar)


large sequins


jelly beans, chocolate chips, or M & M candies

hot glue gun, or strong craft glue




  1. Older children can measure lengths of ribbon to fit around the jar. While the lid is on, glue the ribbon, sequins and jewels around the jar (with the help of a grown up).
  1. Make sure that the lid can open and close.
  1. Fill it with your choice of candy!
  1. After Megilla Reading, you can refill this gragger and give it to a friend in Mishloach Manot!
Micol Bayer, a mother of three, is an artist and teacher who designs educational experiences that integrate art and Jewish texts.  Micol enjoys doing crafts with her kids and teaches art in a Jewish day school and runs the art program at a summer camp. Visit to learn more about Micol’s art.