10 Awesome Things to Add to Your Seder Table this Year (hint: none of them are matza!)

Seder is often a balancing act. You’re trying to keep your kids engaged while moving the seder along at a pace that even bubby would approve of. Try adding some of these great Seder props to your table. These are simple and cute ways to get your kids excited about the seder.

Parshat Bo Coloring Page (click on page to print)

bo_Artboard 49 copy

Coloring Page for Parshat VaAyra (click on picture to print)

vaera_Artboard 49

Parsha Craft: Shmot. Baby Moshe

We’re putting Baby Moshe on the Nile River in this week’s Parsha craft!

Seder Plate Discovery Zone

I love “Hands On” Museums. Before Seder (even several days before Seder), invite your kids to a Seder Plate Discovery Zone. Encourage them to feel and hold every item that goes on a Seder Plate. How many kids have ever really touched maror? shankbones? Hand out rubber gloves so that they can easily handle maror; let them put on aprons and make charoset using a simple recipe. Show how you broil an egg. You can even have them make their own Seder plates. Ask them to become docents at the Seder and lead a tour around the Seder Plate.

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Pesach Giveaway: Makkot Manicures


Our friends at Midrash Manicures are giving away one set of Makkot nail decals!

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Pesach Cauliflower

 A little twist on a breaded cauliflower gives us a delicious Pesach sidedish!

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Strawberry Sorbet

A refreshing dessert or palate cleanser.

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Pesach Brownies

One of the favorite parts of my job is hearing from readers. A quick email, tweet or meeting someone on the street keeps me happy. These brownies come from running into my friend Pesha Fischer at a park. She was so excited to have me try “real brownies.” And she was right! These are a Passover treasure!

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Matza Lasagna

This easy to make, easy to freeze lasagna is the perfect family-friendly meal!

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