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This is one of the easiest ways to make a great Pesach Seder handout with your kids!

Word clouds are everywhere these days but maybe you didn’t know just how easy they are to make. By googling “word cloud” you can find tons of sites that use your text to create a great visual representation. I enjoy using but I do at times have trouble using a mac. I would recommend You simply type in your list of words (more on that in a minute) and they generate a word cloud for you. You can play around with the shape, size, font and color of your word cloud.

I use these all the time. You want to sit down with one of your kids and come up with a list of Pesach words. You can focus on the Seder, the plagues, the whole holiday! Once you have your list written up, you can type it (or cut and paste it) into a word cloud site and voila! instant word cloud. These are great for younger kids to print up and present at the Seder table.