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This week’s parsha is full of new mitzvot, there is a story with a rock and battles with foreign lands. There are great questions, great discussions and great projects to do. As always here are your TEN questions (and answers).

1.       What is the color of the special cow in this week’s Torah portion?

Red (19:2).

2.       What else is special about this cow?

The cow has no spots and has never been used for working the fields (19:2).

3.       What is the purpose of this red cow?

To help purify anyone who has become Tameh (contaminated) (19:9).

4.       Where did Miriam Die?

Kadesh (20:1).

5.       What happened when Miriam died?

There was no more water (20:2).

6.       What was Moshe supposed to do to get more water?

Take his staff and TALK to the rock and ask it to give water (20:8).

7.       What did Moshe really do?

He hit the rock with his staff twice (20:10).

8.       What was Moshe and Aharon’s punishment for not listening to God’s instructions?

They were not allowed to enter Israel (20:12)

9.   What happened when Israel complained again? How did Hashem punish them?

He sent fiery serpents to bite the congregation (21:6)

10. What did Moshe make to help save Bnei Israel?

A copper serpent. Anyone who was bitten by a serpent could look at the copper serpent and recover (21:9).