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I’m loving this activity! Special thanks to Ilana Rosenbach Talitian who tossed this great idea my way! This enormous sticker board serves as a great Seder night activity!

Materials needed:

  • Large poster board
  • Many many many stickers



1. Put stickers all over the poster board. I included LOTS of Pesach-related stickers (if you look closely, you’ll see matzot, makkot, pyramids and seder plate stickers mixed in with animals and shapes)

2. Decide how and when to use this board. Here are my two suggestions:

  • Kids who answer a question correctly or ask a great question can head over to the Huge Pesach Sticker Find Board for a bonus question like: find the second makkah (plague) on the board or find three matza stickers in a row. If they ace their bonus question, they win a small prize (red goo! plastic frogs!).
  • Set out a set time (middle of maggid) where you break for a five-minute lightning sticker board round where each kid is given a task (find a seder plate! find the upside down pyramid!) to win great prizes.


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