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We are truly all about creative Jewish expression and nothing is making us smile more this year than Ten Plagues Nail Decals.

There are so many creative ways to bring the Pesach story alive at your seder but this seems particularly adorable. Founder Yael Buechler is proud of how the nail decals are being used, “I love how our Ten Plagues Nail Decals are being used to engage many generations at the seder in a new and meaningful fashion. It’s so wonderful to know that there are families across the world who incorporate Midrash Manicures as a yearly family activity in preparation for Passover.”

These decals will make the perfect pre-Pesach gift or Afikomen present. Midrash Manicures are not limited to Pesach. There is a full array of timely, creative products.

I have come to celebrate creative endeavors that encourage our children to explore and celebrate their Judaism. I love when we are able to step outside the box and offer something innovative and relevant to the tweens and teens among us. Check out the nail decals and consider bringing some to your Seder table this year.


Ten Plagues Nail Decals Package

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