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Add some fun to your Seder with this original board game!

Ages 7-10.


large paper for board
colored pencils
index cards
game pieces
Board Game template (download here)


1. Download our Board Game template, or make your own to create a placemat that doubles as a board game to play at your Seder and throughout Passover.

2. Color in the Spaces on the game board. Make up some “action spaces” using details from the Passover story. For Example: “Paroh says you cannot go! Go back 2 spaces” or “You made it across the Yam Suf! Go ahead 3 spaces”.

3. On the index cards, write questions about the Passover story, things in the Hagadah, or items on your Seder plate. You can also make “action cards”, for example: “Jump around like a frog!”. In the corner of each question card, write a number between 1-4, to indicate how many spaces the person moves on the game board.

Depending on who’s playing, you might want to make 2 sets of cards with different levels of questions so everyone can play together. Your sets of cards can be different colored index cards.

4. Laminate your game board (or cover with clear contact paper) to
use as a placemat and to save from year to year.

** We use small, colored frog toys as game pieces. You can take pieces from another board game, use small colored candies, or come up with your own!


Place questions cards face down in a pile next to the board. Have players choose game pieces and put them on the Pyramids to Start.
Take turns choosing cards to make your way around the board. The youngest player goes first! Have fun getting out of Egypt and to Har Sinai!
Micol Bayer, a mother of three, is an artist and teacher who designs educational experiences that integrate art and Jewish texts. Micol enjoys doing crafts with her kids and teaches art in a Jewish day school and runs the art program at a summer camp. Visit to learn more about Micol’s art.