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With the Mishkan finally completed, we watch as it is brought to Moshe, set up, the priests are dressed and the cloud comes to rest above it.

1. Who were the two men who worked on the mishkan?

Betzalel and Oholiav. (38:22-23)

2. What was the ephod made out of?

Gold, blue, purple, scarlet and fine twined linen. (39:2)

3. How many stones were in the breastplate?

Twelve. (39:14)

4. What did the twelve stones correspond with?

The twelve tribes. (39:14)

5. What was the hem of the High Priest’s robe?

Bells of pure gold and pomegranates made of blue, purple, scarlet and twined linen pomegranates. (39:24-25)

6. Who did they bring the mishkan to when it was finished?

Moshe. (39:33)

7. What was Moshe’ reaction?

Moshe blessed them. (39:43)

8. When is Moshe commanded to set up the mishkan?

On the first day of the first month. (40:2)

9. What happens to Aharon and his sons?

Aharon and his sons come to the door of the mishkan and they wash up there, Aharon put on his holy garments and he is anointed. His sons put on their garments and are anointed as well. (40:12-15)

10. What covers the tent of meeting?

When God’s presence filled the mishkan, a cloud covered the tent of meeting. (40:34)