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The priests receive their final instructions and are then anointed in front of all Bnei Yisrael.

1. What directive do the priests get regarding fire on the altar?
Fire should be kept burning on the altar continually; it should not go out. (6:6)

2. When a new priest is inaugurated what should he do?
Bring an offering to God. (6:13)

3. Can the priests eat from the sin offering?
No, it should be burnt with fire. (6:23)

4. After the offerings are given who gets to eat the leftovers?
The priests that ran the service. (7:8)

5. When can the priest eat the remains of the thanksgiving offerings?
Only on the day of the offering. The priests may not leave the offering until the morning. (7:15)

6. If someone is impure and deemed contaminated and they eat an offering what is the punishment?
They are cut off from their people. (7:21)

7. What other sin will get you the punishment of being cut off from their people?
Eating any blood. (7:27)

8. Before whom were the priests consecrated?
All the Israelites gathered in front of the tent of meeting. (8:4)

9. What was the first thing done to the Priests in their inauguration?
They were immersed in water and dressed in their new clothes. (8:6-9)

10. How long did the priests stay at the door of the Ohel Moed (tent of meeting)?
Seven days. (8:33)