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As the donations keep coming, Moshe finally has all that he needs to start building the Mishkan.

1. What is the first commandment this week.

Honoring the Shabbat. (35:2-3)

2. What are the three types of metal people can bring for the Mishkan?

Gold, silver and copper. (35:5)

3. What color is the dye of the ram skins to be offered from the Israelites?

Red. (35:7)

4. Who should come and build the mishkan?

Wise-hearted people. (35:10)

5. What gold did the Israelites bring?

Bracelets, nose-rings, rings, and body ornaments. (35:22)

6. Who brought the stones for the ephod and breastplate?

The leaders. (35:27)

7. Who is in charge of building the sanctuary?

Betzalel with his assistant Oholiav and the wise-hearted men. (36:1)

8. What happened each morning?

The Israelites kept bringing more gifts to help build the tabernacle. (36:3)

9. What did Moshe finally have to do?

Moshe had to command the people to stop bringing gifts. (36:6)

10. What major items are built in this week’s Torah reading?

The curtains, planks, partitions, screens, Ark and cover, Table, Menorah, Incense Altar, Laver and the courtyard with screen. (36:8 – 38:20)