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With Chanukah rapidly approaching, we’re thinking about gift giving. With so much that can be recycled out there and with parents always looking for afternoon activities for their little ones, we’re looking at creative ways to make your own wrapping paper. Here are a few of our ideas. We’d love to hear some of your’s. Add them in the comment section below.

• So very very many coloring pages and literally nothing to do with them. (I think if I displayed all the art of my 5 children, I would need to buy 6 more refrigerators!). This way old coloring pages can be taped together and used as wrapping paper. You can also use used coloring books as gift wrapping.

• Use old, outdated maps as wrapping paper. Especially if the gift is travel-related, old maps are a great way to hint at the contents of the gift!

• Using recycled paper, have your kids cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them to the paper. It can allude to the gift itself or simply be filled with things your kids love.

• The year is coming to a close and what are you going to be doing with your old calendar pages anyway? Wrap your gifts in a significant month for the recipient (their birthday, anniversary etc.).

• How many kids’ craft projects are you really going to keep? Tape a few of them together and voila, you’ve made the perfect giftwrap for all grandparents.

• Know your audience: use the sports pages for a sports enthusiast, the movie listings for an entertainment buff, the comics for a child.

A word on which tape: it seems that packing tape is the smartest tape to use to tape your art projects and coloring pages together. It is bigger, transparent and goes on easily.