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This week we see the creation of the world and of both man and woman. We watch Adam and Eve in their life in paradise and their eventual exile from the Garden of Eden.

1.       What existed before God started to create the world?

The earth was astonishingly empty with darkness. (1:2)

2.       What was created on the second day?

The heavens. (1:8)

3.       When was Man created?

On the sixth day. (1:26-31)

4. In whose image was man created?

In God’s image. (1:27)

5.       What did God do on the seventh day?

He rested. (2:1-3)

6.       What two important trees were placed in Gan Eden (paradise)?

The tree of life and the tree of knowledge. (2:9)

7.       From what was Woman created?

From one of Man’s Ribs. (2:21-23)

8.       What convinced the woman to eat from the tree of knowledge?

A serpent. (3:1-6)

9.       What were the jobs of Adam and Eve’s two children?

Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. (4:2)

10.   When God was angry at mankind there was one man who God found grace in. Who was it?

Noah. (6:7-8)